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EuroCave app - a free virtual wine cabinet book

Free, convenient, secure and compatible with all wine cabinets.

EuroCave app

The idea is to allow users to manage their wine cabinet (whether it is a EuroCave cabinet or not) thanks to a virtual wine cellar book.

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A wide range of functionalities:

- List all of your bottles
- Create wine information sheets
- Organise your cabinet
- Keep a record of all the wines you have drunk
- Be alerted when your bottles have reached their peak
- Share your favourite wines with your friends
- Benefit from professional advice about your wine collection
- Print your cellar board

Close-up on new features for 2015:

- 7 languages available
- Compatible with iOS 8
- Add bottles of an already existing vintage, without having to recreate the entire bottle sheet
- Now possible to select more than one grape variety for one wine
- Choose a window to define the maturity

Free download

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Some functionalities in pictures

Create your detailed wine sheets

 EuroCave app

Create your virtual wine cabinet

EuroCave app

Configure your wine cabinet

EuroCave app

The "Wine Lottery": let the app choose your wine for you!

EuroCave app