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The birth of a great brand

Out of their love for wine, a team of enthusiasts created the first wine cabinets dedicated to the preservation of wine introduced the EuroCave brand. René Martin, at the age of 74, took up this innovative, promising concept to establish the first creations by setting up a prdocution factory in Fourmioes (59). The original EuroCave was born!

A new factory

The family-run company was taken over by a group of investors and the factory in Fourmies was completely rebuilt. The advent of the Eurothèque 260: the emergence of a colour range, the creation of innovative electronic control, the very first sliding shelves...

The launch of the first EuroCave store

EuroCave opened its very first EuroCave store in Paris.

EuroCave goes international

EuroCave's wine expertise spread to other countries with over 20 distributors and the opening of the first distribution subsidiary in Switzerland.

A new flush-fitting range

EuroCave launched the Compact range, designed as a solution to space restriction issues and equipped with specific dimensions suited to kitchen design norms so that it can be fitted to form part of the kitchen cabinet arrangement.

Creation of a Humidor

EuroCave offered its expertise to cigar-lovers with its Humidor, a unique solution which can store up to 1,000 cigars. At the same time, our wine cabinet range continued to expand.

Millennium wine cabinet

EuroCave celebrated the new millennium by creating a special edition wine cabinet: “The Millennium cabinet”.

The birth of storage systems

To meet the requirements of all wine enthusiasts, EuroCave created new modular storage systems (the Modulothèque) and conditioners to transform any type of room into a wine cellar.

The launch of the Classic range, our mid-range category

A year packed full of new products! EuroCave launched its new range of Classic cabinets, combining major technological advances (management of hygrometry, temperature to the nearest degree,...) and boasting a modern design. It also launched a new storage system with Modulocube, a simple, evolving and modular system.

EuroCave celebrates its 30th birthday!

To celebrate the occasion, the brand created two Collector cabinets: two limited edition wine cabinets decorated by designers with frosted arabesques on the glass and screen printing on the side panels.

Launch of INOA, the quietest one-piece conditioner on the market.

The brand launched its new cellar conditioner, Inoa, which recreates the conditions essential for storing wine.

EuroCave breaks new ground!

EuroCave filed 3 patents: NeoFresh, revolutionary cold air production technology - the Main du Sommelier shelf, a rigid structure in two materials which completely adapts to the shape of the bottles and is flexible to protect them from vibration - Sowine, the first home wine bar.

Two new products suited to the requirements of professionals.

EuroCave launched EuroCave Professional, a range developed in close collaboration with MOF sommeliers (France's top wine stewards), for professionals.

Changes at EuroCave

EuroCave updated its brand image with a new visual identity: new logo, new colours... Launch of a new steel storage system, Modulosteel as well as the Collection range, a wine cabinet boasting designer lines and modular colours, which can be successfully adapted to all interiors.

Energy and innovation, the buzzwords of our new range!

The latest range from the EuroCave brand, Pure presents wine cabinets with elegant lines and more importantly...low-energy consumption, helping to protect the environment. Launch of the new website: Internet users can now configure their wine cabinet online! A really user-friendly function for consumers.