Home wine bar

Home winebar: a luxury for your wine bottles

Eurocave has designed the home winebar, a storage system for your opened wine bottles. The home winebar will keep your opened bottle of wine free from oxydation for several days and bring your wine to an ideal serving temperature.

The EuroCave home winebar comes in two elegant and modern designs that will look great in your home. Sowine, the designer home winebar for 2 bottles and La Petite, the stylish wine serving cabinet for 12 bottles, with storage for 2 opened bottles. Both models keep white, red and rosé wines and use our innovative oxygen extraction system to protect wine from oxydation for up to 10 days after opening.

Our home winebars are designed with easy-to-use control panels for temperature selection - you can bring your wine to the perfect temperature in just two hours!

You can find EuroCave home winebars at one of our specialised distributors, present in over 70 countries. Whether you are looking for a winebar to offer as a special gift or as an elegant addition to your home, our distributors can help you choose the ideal winebar for your needs.

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The home winebar by the wine enthusiasts

Created in 1976, EuroCave is the world leader in the design and manfucture of wine cabinets, home winebars and cigar cellars both professional and private settings. The patented EuroCave technology, together with a commitment to environmental standards and safety ensure the high quality of all EuroCave products.

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