Quality wine storage

Quality wine storage: Modular designs by EuroCave

Eurocave  is a leading designer and manufacturer of quality wine storage and provides a wide range of wine cabinets, cellar conditioners and innovative, wine storage systems for the home and business.

Created in 1976, EuroCave is the inventor of quality wine cabinets that allow you to preserve your fine wines in the ideal conditions found in a natural cellar...

Wine lovers are offered a unique and new storage system for their bottles which allow you to keep the number of wine bottles you desire and customise your layout to fit your space perfectly. Made using solid woods such as oak or beech, EuroCave has created quality wine storage that offers limitless layout possibilities.

Whether you prefer the innovative folding racks of our Modulocube, or prefer to keep your bottles in their original cases with our exclusive sliding shelf system of the Modulorack design or even create a unique piece of furniture with a combination of the different shelves of the Modulothèque design, you are guaranteed a quality storage system that is highly functional and an attractive addition to your interior. 

Our network of distributors can help you choose and design the ideal wine storage system for you. EuroCave distributors are present in 70 countries and are highly specialised in our products. You can request a 3D layout simulation from your local distributor to help you create your ideal wine storage.

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EuroCave innovations in quality wine storage

EuroCave is the world leader in the design and manfucture of wine storage products. Our unique Modulothèque offers the highest storage capacity for floor space in the market today, and is suited to different bottle shapes...All EuroCave products respect environmental standards come with a product guarantee.

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