Refrigerated wine cabinet

Refrigerated wine cabinets by Eurocave

Eurocave's refrigerated wine cabinets are developed for maturing and serving wine in optimal conditions. EuroCave has designed over 50 models of refrigerated wine cabinets for wine lovers and professionals who wish to preserve their wines and bring them to the ideal temperature when serving.

Eurocave invented the very first refrigerated wine cabinet in 1976 and has since, constantly developed its technology and craftsmanship to provide the high quality, elegant designs that have become the gold standard for manufacturers all over the world.

The refrigerated wine cabinets are designed using EuroCave's patented cooling technology together with vibration protection, ventilation and thermal insulation systems which recreate the ideal wine maturing conditions of natural wine cellars.

Discover the Eurocave range of refrigerated wine cabinets with our online catalogue or visit our specialised distributors, present in 70 countries around the world. You will find a vast choice of wine cabinets with storing capacities varying from 12 to 500 bottles.


Refrigerated wine cabinets for your home

All EuroCave wine cabinets come in elegant designs that will enhance any interior, with models available with flush-fitting to blend perfectly with your kitchen units or bar.

 Please contact us for any further information about our refrigerated wine cabinets.