Wine cellar conditionner

Wine cellar conditioner: Inoa by EuroCave

EuroCave has deveoloped Inoa, the wine cellar conditioner that allows you to turn any room into a wine cellar. As the leader in wine preservation technology, EuroCave has designed Inoa, the wine cellar conditioner which controls the temperature, humidity levels and ventilation of a room to recreate the ideal conditions of a natural wine cellar.

Choosing a EuroCave wine cellar conditioner offers you ideal wine maturing without the noise! Inoa is the quietest cellar conditioner available, with in-built sound-proofing, including silent blocks on the compressor. Inoa is a single unit and is quick and easy to install.

The EuroCave wine cellar condtioners, Inoa 25 and Inoa 50 have been designed using innovative technologies which respect environmental standards. The unique remote control panel allows you to manage the temperature levels your wine cellar with ease; our system will maintain the ideal constant temperature (between 9° and 15°C) no matter what the external conditions.

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Wine cellar Conditioner: the EuroCave guarantee

As with all EuroCave products, our wine cellar conditioners undergo thorough safety and quality testing before reaching you and come with a product guarantee, to ensure the highest standards and satisfaction of our customers.

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