Pack of 6 shelves for Modulocube

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Fits the Modulocube storage system

The 6 shelves allow you to store your bottles individually within the Modulocube storage system, allowing easy bottle access.

They are specially designed to store all types of bottles (Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne…): no more torn labels, no more badly stored bottles.

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Important facts

Each shelf can hold 6 bottles.
It is possible to stack 2 rows of bottles on one shelf.  (We do not recommend that you stack more than this).

Installation is very quick and easy.


By placing a shelf on top of ModuloCube, you have the possibility of increasing storage capacity:
    - 21 bottles (pyramid storage),
    - 42 bottles (diagonal storage, only possible when supported by another ModuloCube, on the side: see diagram below). 

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Main features
Material(s)Solid beech
Type of storageIndividual

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