Service option - Light oak Main du Sommelier ACMSERVW for Inspiration range - Up to 16 bottles



With 11 Mains du Sommelier - For Inspiration range only

This service option kit with its Light oak, allow to store up to 16 bottles. It is made up of a sliding service shelf and a fixed half shelf.
Wine service areas have been designed to store upright 4 opened bottles, whilst ensuring complete stability.
This model offers the advantage of a new generation interior layout, for increased ergonomics and user-friendliness.

The shelf labels in epoxy-coated steel can be placed where you choose on the shelf, allowing you to easily record the names of your wines. An erasable white marker pen is supplied.

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Important facts

The Main du Sommelier

This body, in two materials, combines a rigid structure to support the bottle and a more flexible rim in elastomer which adapts to its shape and protects it from vibration.

This shelf model contains 6 premium Mains du sommelier models with a reworked aesthetic finish and more user-friendly design with regard to positioning the bottle.

It was by working with sommeliers that the idea of developing this patented bottle support came to us. So it seemed logical to name this innovative product after them.

The Main du sommelier supports are detachable and can slide on their support. That is why they can hold all types of bottles – from the Bordeaux to the Magnum to the Champagne bottle.

Data sheet

Main features
Type of shelfWine service area
Warranty6 months parts
Type of productShelves
Dimensions H x W x D (mm)150x416x443
Interior layout
Maximum capacityUp to 16 bottles
Shelf materialsblack epoxy-coated steel
Shelves frontLight oak
Specific features
Weight (kg)4,41

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