[ NEW ] Inspiration, EuroCave’s new range for the kitchen!

Published : 09/15/2017 17:50:57
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[ NEW ] Inspiration, EuroCave’s new range for the kitchen!

"With my friends and family, I can’t imagine a meal without a good bottle of wine!"
Adeline Grattard, thirty-something chef at Michelin-starred restaurant Yam’Tcha in Paris.

The heart of the home, the kitchen is no longer reserved just for cooking. A place to gather and spend time together, it is open to everyone and has become a place where good times are shared, welcoming and full of life! Around a table or in a bar is usually the perfect time for enjoying a glass of wine… For all these reasons, we created Inspiration.

Since 1976, EuroCave cultivates excellence and became the brand favoured by dedicated amateurs and the leading wine waiters in the most prestigious restaurants alike. With Inspiration,we intend, above all, to offer long term and premium built-in wine cabinets, which stand out from the existing market.

A wine cabinet imagined and drawn by designers

To achieve this, we surrounded ourselves with designers.
We wanted to give this new range a timeless dimension, as explained by Lionel from the PioPio design agency, which worked with our design office on the project:

"Design a range of wine cabinets exclusively for the kitchen, which are high performance, durable and timeless with clean lines, whilst stamping the range with EuroCave’s identity. This was the challenge set by EuroCave’s teams when they consulted us.

Many competitors’ products are now in our kitchens, drawing inspiration from and using components from large electrical appliances such as refrigerators.

“Inspiration”, must be a wine cabinet in which the terms insulation, constant temperature, peace of mind, silence, ventilation, and also, discretion, modernity, security and modularity ALL have real meaning.

The ergonomic variety and complexity of kitchen units according to each distributor and continent, made it a painstaking task. How can we ensure the cabinets blend with most styles of kitchen but don’t simply look like all the other cabinets? How can we ensure the cabinets are discreet yet have their own identity? How can we facilitate the work of fitters?

In the end, we opted for a wine cabinet which is completely smooth, with no protrusions or handles, creating an air of mystery and enticing you to discover what is beneath the work tops and inside kitchen units. Only a curved recess in the control panel reveals the opening to access the inside of the carnotzet*.

The use of high quality materials, such as wood or steel, as well as optimisation of the integrated LED lighting, whose light surrounds each bottle like a vault, wholeheartedly contribute to the image of respected tradition.

This quality of finish is found of course on the front, where shiny materials, such as black glossy plastics and glass blend with materials mat or satiny in appearance, such as stainless steel and painted steel.

In this way, the entire Inspiration range, with its modular, understated design, is at home in any contemporary kitchen."

* Part of a wine cellar, used to entertain friends.

Design and ergonomics rethinks by an design agency in collaboration with our desing office

A “tailor-made” cabinet

Encastrable, intégrable, Inspiration s’adapte à toutes les cuisines et offre le choix de quatre formats : XS, S, M ou L… pouvant accueillir de 17 à 89 bouteilles.

Les types de portes ne manquent pas : porte full glass (entièrement vitrée), porte vitrée avec cadre inox, porte vitrée ou porte pleine spécialement conçues pour accueillir des décors identiques à ceux de vos meubles de cuisine, pour une parfaite intégration.

A range which can be built-in or flush-fitted, Inspiration adapts to all types of kitchen and offers a choice of four sizes: XS, S, M or L… which can store 17 - 89 bottles.

There is no shortage of door types: full glass door (fully glazed), glass door with stainless steel frame, or a glass or solid door specially designed to be fitted with front panels identical to those of your kitchen units, allowing the cabinet to blend seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen.

Bottles beautifully displayed

To display your bottles, Inspiration offers different types of shelves, allowing you to display and store or stand full or open bottles upright.

The bottles are elegantly accentuated thanks to amber mood lighting (EuroCave patent).

Flush-fitted or built-in wine cabinet that meet the standards of kitchen designers