[PARTNERSHIP] EuroCave, partner of the 2020 France’s best wine merchant contest

Published : 06/15/2020 10:36:43
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[PARTNERSHIP] EuroCave, partner of the 2020 France’s best wine merchant contest

Terre des Vins magazine (Sud-ouest press group), which organized the 4th year of this competition, asked Pascal Marchand, CEO of the EuroCave Group, two questions :

"Recognizing wine merchants through this competition can only be beneficial for the whole wine sector."

Can you explain the importance of the wine merchant sector to your company?

For over 50 years, we have had a close relationship with wine merchants since we share the same customers. This relationship has always been important, the wine merchant being somebody future users of our products can turn to for advice and instructions on a daily basis.

Throughout the world, some are both wine merchants and distributors of our products, including wine cabinets for storing wine in optimal conditions, wine cabinets for bringing wine to an optimal serving temperature and systems for storing and displaying bottles.


Why did you decide to support this competition?

I think that it is important to support this profession which has established a very close relationship with our (shared!) customers by giving them excellent advice on choosing wine and food and wine pairings. This advice and relationship can only exist within the scope of geographical proximity and specialisation of the wine merchant profession.”

The final of the competition will take place in Paris on 19 October this year.