[ PORTRAIT ] Meeting with Adeline Grattard, starred chef of the Yam’Tcha, Paris

Published : 01/19/2018 12:02:10
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[ PORTRAIT ] Meeting with Adeline Grattard, starred chef of the Yam’Tcha, Paris

By combining the best French products with Chinese cooking techniques, in just a few years Yam’Tcha’s young chef has become one of the darlings of Paris’s gastronomic elite.

Profile of a thirty-something in tune with her time who loves fine food and is passionate about tea and wine!

“As a child, I dreamed of ginger and chilli!”  Adeline Grattard has certainly retained the high standards she developed growing up in Burgundy. But for everything else - inspiration, style and technique, she looked elsewhere. In cookery books, which she devoured at an age when other youngsters were reading teenage comics or magazines, but also by opening up to different cultures at a young age. “I had the opportunity to travel a lot with my parents”, she says. “Obviously, that only increased my fascination for exotic cuisine”.

She started off studying German, but the desire to cook was stronger. In Paris, she joined the famous Ferrandi cookery school. Then she met Chi Wah Chan. A pivotal moment in her life. She fell in love with this leading tea specialist and decided to follow him to Hong Kong where she learned the secrets of Chinese cooking. On returning to Paris, they created a little-known restaurant: Yam’Tcha. She worked in the kitchen, he served tea. But the first Michelin star arrived in just a few months and with it, success. They had to move to a bigger place,  which they designed together. Located a stone’s throw from the Louvre Museum, the new Yam’Tcha is “a Venetian palace in a Chinese style”, she says.

The dishes – delicious – are served with either tea or wine. “At Yam’Tcha, tea and wine are equally important. We serve a lot of tea but we also have over 200 wine labels, including some very good bottles, which we age with a lot of care and attention. Whilst tea is good for cleansing the palate and wine is good for strengthening it, there are no set rules for the pairings that we suggest because the feeling is also very important. At home with friends and family, I can’t imagine a meal without a good bottle of wine! Incidentally, one of my greatest dreams is to have my own cellar at home in order to be able to permanently store twenty to thirty bottles of champagne in it”.

Adeline Grattard - Starred chef of the Yam’Tcha restaurant in Paris

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