| Wine&Dine | Portrait | Alexandrine Roy, Winemaker in Burgundy

Published : 11/09/2016 18:11:32

| Wine&Dine | Portrait | Alexandrine Roy, Winemaker in Burgundy


Wine&Style, the lifestyle magazine by EuroCave is pleased to introduce a young talent that has kept the familial traditions and make them cross borders...

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Burgundy is full of young talents: alexandrine roy is one of them. This young winemaker is head of the marc roy estate, and excels in creating handmade wines. the 15,000 bottles produced in each vintage are snapped up by its fans.

She quietly took over the reins of the family estate in 2005.
Alexandrine Roy, a winemaker’s daughter, runs a small, 3.85-hectare estate in Gevrey-Chambertin, and the 30-year-old enthusiast had no desire to make any great changes when she took over from her father. Naturally, she adds her personal touch from day to day, but the Marc Roy estate has always produced great wines.

“We just needed to tell people about it”, she smiles. And she is busy doing just this, by building new commercial networks, in particular outside France where six in every ten of the estate’s bottles are sold. This campaign, coupled with the excellence of the wines, has created a strong reputation for an estate of only 3.85 hectares.

Nevertheless, the Marc Roy estate continues to seduce personal buyers with its charming, captivating wines – all of them Gevrey-Chambertin and Marsannay wines. “We made the decision to stay small, and to focus on making a product of the highest quality”, explains Alexandrine Roy. Only 15,000 bottles leave the estate each year.

“The secret lies in our work, in both the vineyard and the cellar. Everything else, such as our popularity with buyers, comes from this. And although I’m working to build the estate’s reputation, especially abroad, I’m also determined to be in Gevrey-Chambertin as often as I can”. Alexandrine Roy is a winemaker, not a conventional business woman.

Bourgogne - Portrait d'un vigneron - Alexandrine Roy

by Patrick Lebas
photos Arnaud Dauphin

Cuvée Alexandrine Roy


Created in 2005, is an exceptional gevreychambertin. A red wine that keeps well, it is round and elegant. but enthusiasts be warned: the marc roy estate only produces a few hundred bottles of it each year!


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