| Wine&Dine | Portrait | David Kinch, 3 starred chef of the New World

Published : 12/20/2016 15:03:14
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| Wine&Dine | Portrait | David Kinch, 3 starred chef of the New World

3 starred chef

Today Wine&Style, the lifestyle magazine by EuroCave, crossed the ocean to meet an uncommon Californian three starred chef...

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The Californian by adoption has been awarded a third star for Manresa and has opened the Bywater, a new establishment designed as a declaration of love to New Orleans, his childhood home. An interview with a rising star, who has not forgotten his roots.

While his contemporaries were playing football or baseball on high school lawns, the young David Kinch preferred the kitchens of New Orleans restaurants, where he would go as soon school ended. “That town has a unique culinary culture, rich and colourful. I would not be in this profession if I had not grown up there.”

A step away from the Manresa, the California-based chef has just opened The Bywater, a creole-inspired restaurant with a cocktail bar,“the type of place I would like to hang out in after work”. David Kinch admits that, three-starred chef that he is, he also sometimes longs for a proper Louisiana chicken, with just a little butter and salt.

Roots are important to David Kinch when choosing his wine, too. “The New World wines are good, but the wines that mean the most to me at this stage in my life are those with a historical depth. Like the wines of Nicolas Joly, or the late, great Charly Foucault in the Loire Valley, or Jacques Puffeney’s or Michel Gahier’s in the Jura.”

Just one of the world-class chef’s preferences, but with no hint of snobbery. “I’m not looking for grands crus at any price. I actually believe that the best balance is achieved by pairing either high-powered cooking with a very simple wine, or modest cooking with an outstanding vintage.” All in all, a feeling for subtlety that is the essence of David Kinch.

Wine&Style - Portrait d'un chef étoilé - David Kinch

by Sabine Bouvet
photos Mark Holthusen

Wine&Style - Portrait d'un chef étoilé - David Kinch - plat


David Kinch is a pioneer for short supply chains, sourcing his produce from local farmers who use biodynamic methods. There is no menu at the Manresa, but a list of the ingredients available, updated according to each day’s harvest!


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