5 basic rules for pairing wine and food

Published : 11/30/2017 15:05:34
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5 basic rules for pairing wine and food

Today, we are going to discover the basic rules for pairing wine and food.

This may surprise you, but there are certain clichés that you must forget in order to really appreciate your wine and the food accompanying it.

Wine & food pairing - The red wine and cheese cliché

The red wine and cheese cliché

For years, wine enthusiasts have believed that red wine, more or less tannic, is the perfect match for cheese, but in fact this is not always the case.  Let’s take a concrete example with Chenin blanc, a grape variety from the Loire ValleyGoat’s cheese goes perfectly with this white wine with its fruity flavours.  You should also try a blue cheese with a few drops of sweet white wine, you won’t be disappointed!

Wine & food pairing - sweet wine with desserts, a good pairing?

Pairing sweet wine with desserts = A mistake!

Speaking of sweet wine, if you drink sweet wine with food that is too sugary, your stomach won’t thank you for it!  Actually, sweet wine does not always go with sugary food, it would be better to try a blue cheese or spicy food which would suit it much better.  The perfect match?  Some delicious home-made sushi!

Wine & food pairing - Avoid light fish with red wine, which is too tannic

Avoid light fish with red wine, which is too tannic

It is about the intensity in terms of taste, eat light fish with an astringent wine and you will no longer be able to taste the fish!  The best solution in terms of pairing wine and fish is dry white wine which will bring out even more the briny flavours of seafood.
The only surprising pairing with fish is a Burgundy Pinot Noir or a Beaujolais Gamay.

Wine & food pairing - Consider surprising pairings

Consider surprising pairings

You have to taste a lot of things to find surprising food and wine pairings!  There are many surprising pairings to be discovered in a restaurant or with the help of a sommelier to guide you.  Take an example of a quite unexpected pairing!  Cider with its fine bubbles and sweet mouth feel goes perfectly with cheese from the Normandy region, such as Pont l’Évêque. Is your gustative imagination going into overdrive?  Try it, you’ll see!


Avoid mixing

A lot of people at festive lunches or dinners mix different wines, it is a big mistake both for your palate and liver!
My advice?  If you start with a dry white wine, finish with a dry white wine.  Do you prefer red wine?  Well then, finish with that.  If you mix wines, your taste buds will no longer be able to taste anything new.

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