A new version of the EuroCave application!

Published : 04/27/2015 16:23:44
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A new version of the EuroCave application!

A year and a half after launching the EuroCave application, available on Apple and Android, and with over 27,000 downloads worldwide, EuroCave has brought out a brand new version.  The company has improved the application’s functionalities by taking on board comments and requests made by users of the first version.

This virtual wine cellar book allows you to manage your wine cabinet like an expert!

A multi-language application
The application, previously available in French and English, can now be downloaded in 7 languages.  The app is now available in German, Dutch, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.  Enough to satisfy wine lovers all over the world!

Adding a bottle is now easier
It is no longer necessary to recreate sheets for every wine.  If the wine already exists on the platform, users will now be able to add it in just one click!

More grape varieties on wine sheets
Several grape varieties can be specified for one same wine (unlike for the previous version which only allowed you to enter one of them).

Some functions improved 
To enter a date for drinking a wine, it is now possible to select a range of years. (The previous version only allowed you to select one specific year).

Optimal compatibility
The application is compatible with iOS 8 and Android.

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