EuroCave launches its free application on smartphone and tablet!

Published : 10/25/2013 16:15:49
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EuroCave launches its free application on smartphone and tablet!

The idea is to allow users to manage their wine cabinet (whether it is a EuroCave cabinet or not) thanks to a virtual wine cellar book.
Free, convenient and secure.  These are the buzzwords of the EuroCave application.

How does it work?
Users are asked to enter all of the bottles that they store in their wine cabinet.  For each wine, they can create a “sheet” in which they enter different criteria: names, producers, vintages, grape varieties, date wine will be suitable for drinking and any personal comments.

Thereafter, they virtually organise their cabinet.  When a wine has reached its prime, users are notified that the bottle is ready for drinking.

In addition to allowing stock management, the application also provides a record of wines already drunk.  No more nasty surprises, there is no possibility of losing the information entered, especially since synchronisation of content is possible between your various devices (smartphone and tablet)*.

The little plus points
The application allows you to share your favourite wines and make comments about wine on your social network profiles.  An opportunity to exchange information with other wine lovers about your discoveries, experiences, favourite wines etc.

A few snapshots of the features...

Some pictures of EuroCave app

*Provided that a user account is created

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