EuroCave, partner of Terra Isara

Published : 04/18/2016 17:14:02
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EuroCave, partner of Terra Isara

Wine culture begins with the vine, then the harvest, sorting and the winemaking process itself...

As a player and final link in the wine producing sector, EuroCave has always strived to respect wine and the work of wine producers.  That’s why EuroCave has decided to collaborate with Terra Isara.

Terra Isara’s aim is to develop general interest missions whose main objective is "defining new food and agricultural systems capable of producing sufficient amounts of healthy food whilst preserving natural resources and allowing farmers to make a decent living from the fruit of their labour".

This mission takes concrete form via 3 areas of intervention:
TRAINING – Since defining and setting up new food and agricultural systems is achieved through human skill.

INNOVATING – Since defining new production and processing systems requires applied research with experiments in the field.

SETTING UP BUSINESSES – To encourage, by supporting training in entrepreneurship, the creation of innovative activities.

The missions of Terra Isara

EuroCave, partner of Terra Isara

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