EuroCave recruits a Business Project Manager M/F - Permanent Contract

Published : 08/07/2019 10:51:22
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EuroCave recruits a Business Project Manager M/F - Permanent Contract


Established in 1976, EuroCave, human-sized company, and inventor of the wine cabinet, offers long lasting and high end solutions to mature and serve the wine: wine cabinets, cellar layout systems, wine cellar air-conditioning systems and wine by the glass solutions, cigars humidor.

EuroCave stand for and share the values of elegance and the French art of living. A position which explains the choice to manufacture in France high quality products, proved by the label “French Origin certified”.

EuroCave commit to respect people – its co-workers, its clients, wine lovers and professionals, and the winemakers -, the environment, current international standards, and the durability of its solutions.   

As part of its development,

EuroCave recruits a Business Project Manager - M/F - Permanent Contract

Directly reports to EuroCave Group C.E.O.

Job Overview

- Support EuroCave Group CEO and steering committee members in coordinating various projects across the company, for example, Sales development, Marketing, Manufacturing, Purchasing.
- Participate in major committee meetings (Product development, Market/Sales, Digital) and perform follow up actions according to plan.
- This role will evolve to an operational management position in France or abroad within a few years.

Responsibilities and Duties

- Collect monthly business reports from sales subsidiaries, sales areas and business units.
- Analyse business reports to identify key issues and report to business committees.
- Follow up actions planned during the committee meetings.
- Responsible of market analysis and assist in managing ad hoc projects.


M.B.A. from a leading business school or Master of Science with business management qualification.

- At least 3/5 years in international business environment (Finance, Marketing, Sales Development)

Specific skills
- Fluent in English, and another language (German or Chinese highly valued). French is not a must.
- Project management ability.

Personal characteristics

- Entrepreneurial spirit, real business orientation, interested in multicultural management and international business development
- Sharp minded and well organized

For this job based on the site of Villeurbanne (close to Lyon in France) and to fill immediately, thank you to submit your application by e-mail to

Ref: BPM / EC / 08 2019

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