How to choose the perfect wine to offer?

Published : 11/30/2017 14:25:12
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How to choose the perfect wine to offer?

Christmas is coming and we are all looking for the Holy Grail: the present that is sure to please!

Christmas and New Year are, moreover, the time to give pride of place to cooking (French or otherwise), prepare beautiful meals and enjoy a drink with friends and family!  And what if the gift we are looking for is for a lover of fine food and drink, a bon vivant, who enjoys these moments of pleasure, conviviality and sharingDo you know what the best companion is for these festive celebrationsWine, of course!  So why not buy wine, which will create the best impression under the tree?  That’s a great gift idea!

All you have to do now is choose one.  But how?

First of all, obviously budget is a deciding factor.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a bottle of wine for drinks or your next dinner.  You can even be inspired by a good selection of discounted wines...

Next, who is it for?

For your uncle, who likes fine wines, your brother-in-law who is good at finding nuggets, or your sister, who is a bit of a novice?  In this way, you will go for very good vintages, well-known into the bargain for your uncle, for example a Crozes-Hermitage or Gevrey-Chambertin... you will opt for les Sauterelles to transport you to Touraine, or a Côte-Rôtie, to the Rhône Valley, for your brother-in-law... or you will give your sister a touch of joy and sunshine in the form of a Mas Canaille

What is the occasion?

Is it for drinking together at Christmas, celebrating a birthday or cellaring for a few years?  There’s nothing better than bubbles to make an evening sparkle, so go for a grower champagne or a magnum from one of the top champagne houses!  And what could be better than buying a wine whose vintage is the year of someone’s birth to mark the occasion?  A 1999 Saint-Emilion, the leading appellation of Bordeaux, would be perfect to celebrate your niece or nephew’s 18th birthday!  And if your host has the patience to cellar a few bottles, a wonderful Condrieu from Yves Cuilleron or the beautiful Chêne Bleu Héloïse in Ventoux would definitely impress.

You now have all the keys to successfully choosing wine!

In this way, buy wine that will take you on a journey through Champagne, Bordeaux, the Rhône Valley, Loire or Languedoc, all in one gift!  And if you need more inspiration, Twil - The Wine I Love has created a good selection of wines to buy as presents which are sure to be favourites! (in French)

How to choose the perfect wine which wil please

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