How to store an uncorked bottle of wine?

Published : 09/07/2015 17:01:00
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How to store an uncorked bottle of wine?

Those who wish to regularly drink good wine with their meals are inevitably faced with this problem of paramount importance to any wine lover:  how to keep unfinished bottles of wine without the wine suffering? It also sometimes happens that, at a dinner with friends, a bottle of wine is opened, but some still remains at the end of the meal.  Find out how to conserve all the aromas of a wine even after the bottle has been uncorked ...

You have no doubt already noticed, when finishing a bottle of wine over several days, that the wine evolves.  Over time, the aromas change. Indeed, initially, oxidation is beneficial, the wine improves ... but very quickly it spoils! What spoils the wine in an opened bottle is the action of oxygen that oxidises the wine. 

If you wish to extend the life of wine in an opened bottle, you need to reduce, as far as possible, the presence of oxygen.
Keeping an opened bottle in a cool place also delays the effects of oxidation.
Based on this information, the EuroCave Research and Development Department sought an optimal solution that would allow wine in an uncorked bottle to be stored for ten days after the bottle had been opened.

Thus was born Wine Art!
Thanks to its vacuum sealing system, when a bottle of wine has been uncorked, the wine is protected from any risk of oxidation for up to ten days after the bottle has been opened.*
And this is not all: with its two compartments, it keeps bottles of red, white and/or rosé wine at an ideal tasting temperature.

Wine Art thus allows wine lovers to take the time to enjoy their uncorked bottles of wine and provides them with the assurance of always drinking wine at a perfect serving temperature.

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How to store an uncorked bottle of wine?

*according to the wine and its vintage

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