Michel Roux Sr, the famous starred Chef, renewed his trust in EuroCave

Published : 07/02/2019 16:29:53
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Michel Roux Sr, the famous starred Chef, renewed his trust in EuroCave

Michel Roux and his son, Alain, opened a new brasserie late last year.
Roux at Skindles is a chic French inspired Brasserie at Taplow, Buckinghamshire, with a stunning riverside view of the Thames from the terrace and the balcony.

Open six days a week, Roux at Skindles features an all-day menu across the ground floor brasserie-style restaurant and the first-floor cocktail bar. An intimate private dining room that seats 14 on the second floor, for private parties and meetings, completes this special venue.
Featuring local and seasonal ingredients, a classic modern French brasserie menu will be on offer, ranging from breakfast through to lunch and dinner, but also brunch or Sunday roast.

For their new venture, they renewed their trust in our brand by choosing three EuroCave wine cabinets to take care of their wines. We asked them to tell us more about their loyalty.

Roux at Skindles - The new brasserie of Michel Roux and Alain Roux

Why did you choose EuroCave? How do you know EuroCave? Did you already have EuroCave products in the past?

I have been using EuroCave very successfully in my restaurants for several yearsThese include Le XIX in Crans Montana, Switzerland, Roux at Skindles at Taplow Riverside, a new venture with my Chef Patron son, Alain, and The Waterside Inn, Bray-on-Thames.  Here, we have held 3 Michelin stars for 35 consecutive years, the longest of any restaurant in the world outside France.  At The Waterside Inn, we have a large cellar housing more than a 1,000 French wines.  We are brilliantly served by two large cabinets housing nearly 400 wines.
Brand loyalty is easy and logical with EuroCaveWhen you are happy with a product and supplier, it is important to try to invest in that relationshipI could not imagine creating a new project, such as our new brasserie, Roux at Skindles, without the support of my trusted suppliers.

Are you satisfied with our product?

The product always lives up to our full expectations and requirements.
The success of our business relies on the ability to store and serve our wines at the perfect temperature
.  Of equal importance is immaculate, stylish presentation.  We appreciate the sleek, contemporary yet timeless style of the cabinets and the utility they offer us.
EuroCave is the perfect partnershipWe share the same ethos with EuroCave’s own superb service and products, enhancing our own exacting standards.  As a client, we expect nothing less of our suppliers and our clients expect nothing less of us.

Roux at Skindles - Michel Roux et Alain Roux restaurant on the River Thames - View throught the terrace

How do you uses use our products and do they increase customer satisfaction? Contribute to the staging of your wine offer?

It is vital for us to be able to rely completely on EuroCave’s perfect storage conditions for our winesThis confidence allows us to focus on our core business particularly selling wines to complement dishes chosen by our clients.  Our customers are well informed and expect their wines to be served at the perfect temperature.  So, this is essential to the success of our business and to maintain our reputation.

Has your wine turnover increased since the use of our products?

Je dirais que les produits EuroCave sont certainement des atouts essentiels qui nous aident à maximiser notre chiffre d’affaires dans nos restaurants, en particulier durant les mois d’été. Avec le service et les standards haut de gamme auxquels nous aspirons, nous ne pourrions tout simplement pas faire sans ces équipements indispensables.

I would say that our EuroCave products are certainly essential assets that help us maximise our turnover at our restaurants, particularly during the summer months.  We simply could not operate, to the high standards and service to which we aspire, without this essential equipment.

Roux at Skindles - Roux at Skindles - Michel Roux et Alain Roux restaurant on the River Thames - Interior design

Would you recommend our products and to whom (restaurants, sommeliers, ...?)

I would recommend EuroCave products to hotels, restaurants, sommeliers and amateur connoisseurs at home.  It is the best investment any wine enthusiast or business could make to ensure their wines are kept in tip top perfect condition.

Picture of Michel Roux, famous French-born starred chef.


French-born chef, restaurateur, author, teacher, pioneer, Michel Roux is a culinary legendA founding father of fine cuisine in the UK, he has revolutionised the British restaurant scene.  Michel has enjoyed huge success since opening his first restaurant, the acclaimed Le Gavroche in London, with his brother Albert in 1967.  This became the first restaurant in the UK to be awarded one, two then three Michelin stars.  A few years later, Michel opened The Waterside Inn, Berkshire that has now held three Michelin stars for more than 30 years, longer than any restaurant in the world outside France.  

Countless other culinary honours are held by Michel, having been inducted an OBE in 2002 and the Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur in 2004. Since 1983, Michel has published 12 books that have sold more than 2.5 million copies and been published in 33 countries.
He has appeared in several television series including, from time to time, BBC 1 Saturday Kitchen. In The Roux Legacy, televised in 2012, leading food critics and top chefs described the Roux family as the most important culinary influence ever in Britain.  These days, Michel seeks to pass on his expertise, seeking opportunities to inspire the younger generation. He is a patron of The Roux Scholarship, an initiative begun with his brother that has been nurturing and promoting UK chefs in the world since 1984.

Picture of Alain Roux, son of Michel Roux, famous French-born starred chef.


Michel’s son Alain Roux continues the illustrious Roux cooking dynasty.

After an apprenticeship in pastry, Alain spent seven years working in some of France’s most notable kitchens, including La Côte Saint-Jacques in Joigny and Restaurant Pic in Valence.

Joining The Waterside Inn in 1992, Alain worked through the ranks before becoming joint chef patron with his father in 2000, taking over in his own right a couple of years later.

Alain is co chairman with his cousin, Michel Jr, of the Roux Scholarship and a Master Pâtissier in the International Association Relais Desserts, putting him amongst the best pastry chefs in the world.