New features for 2016 | Modulosteel, even more flexibility ...

Published : 09/20/2016 18:25:27
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New features for 2016 | Modulosteel, even more flexibility ...

We have added some new features to this customisable storage system for wine rooms and natural wine cellars.  It offers many modules which can be assembled in endless ways, allowing you to organise your wine storage space.

Customisable, Modulosteel can be assembled in endless ways thanks to its modules which are attached to each other side by side. Adjustable to mid-height, it also adapts to low or arched ceilings!

Optimised storage with 3 types of bottle storage: storage, display or sliding shelves to store your wine cases.

New modules, new finishes, new optional extras for even more flexibility!

- A narrower structure width (520mm) allows you to make use of small spaces and optimise storage.

- Sliding shelves exclusively designed to store wine cases. 

- A new finishing top cover

- A wooden unit fitted with 6 sliding shelves, to increase storage capacity.


Modulosteel - Modules for wine storage

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