New versions of Full Glass & Black Piano doors.

Published : 01/05/2015 11:17:37
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New versions of Full Glass & Black Piano doors.

Performance or Design?  Why choose?

Although the Full Glass & Black Piano door finishes, released in 2010, have become “classics”, EuroCave, faithful to its continuous improvement policy, is now improving the performance of its products whilst incorporating aesthetic appeal.

Better for your wine ... Easier on the eye ...
- more economical as low heat loss
- improved U.V. protection
- a new, more robust locking system
- a handle with a glass finish allowing it to complement all interiors
- very convenient (reversible door, detachable handle)

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Close-up on energy consumption:
These new generation doors offer low energy consumption owing to a redesigned door outline and new “low emissivity” glass.  Our Black Piano doors (opaque glass) have changed to Class A+ and our Full Glass doors (glass, no frame) have changed to Class A.

Close-up on design:
A handle with a glass finish etched with the EuroCave brand, designed especially for the brand and easily detachable, has been added to the door’s original glass.

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