Video tutorial | How to install a presentation shelf in your wine cabinet?

Published : 09/12/2016 15:42:45
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Video tutorial | How to install a presentation shelf in your wine cabinet?

In order to better understand several manipulations related to the use of your wine cabinet, EuroCave has developed video tutorials.

Discover step by step, how to easily assemble a EuroCave presentation kit AOPRESAR/AOPRESAR2.

In order to highlight your best bottles without losing space in your wine cabinet, you chose the presentation kit AOPRESAR/AOPRESAR2.

Adaptable on EuroCave Classic and Premium sliding shelves, this presentation kit has been designed to combine robustness and ingenuity.

Its articulated support displays 6 bottles vertically in front, while giving an easy access to the other bottles stored at the back of the shelf.
Indeed, when the shelf is pulled out, the articulated support slowly slides to the back, revealing the storage part.

This allows you to keep a large storage capacity while admiring your best bottles; you can place up to 26 bottles on the storage support.

See more

AOPRESAR - Presentation kit for "Classic sliding shelves"

AOPRESAR2 - Presentation kit for "Premium sliding shelves"

Follow the guide!

Step 1 – install the sliding shelf in the wine cabinet (ACMS / ACMS2)
Step 2 Prepare the different parts
Step 3 Position the supports and the storage support at the back
Step 4 Install the front support
Step 5 Pull the shelf out and position the articulated support
Step 6 Fix the articulated support on the sliding shelf using the supplied screws.


Our advice
Please ensure that you can open the wine cabinet door by more than 90°.
- For bottles with an antique shape (e.g.: Ruinart) we suggest you move the bottle support towards the back, to insure a better balance of the latter. To do so, you will find another positioning for the screw:

Modification pour bouteilles de form antique - ex. Ruinart

This kit is available for the EuroCave Première, Pure and Revelation wine cabinet ranges.




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