What is the charcoal filter in my wine cabinet for?

Published : 05/12/2017 16:03:24
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What is the charcoal filter in my wine cabinet for?

Permanent aeration of the wine cabinet is one of the 5 essential criteria to ensure optimal ageing of the wine.

All EuroCave wine cabinets offer a natural ventilation system using the basement window principle that reproduces the air circulation in the best natural wine cellars.  Thus, there is a slow and constant renewal of air from top to bottom and from the outside to the inside.

Indeed, a stagnant air promotes bad odours and mould and is conducive to the development of bacteria.  This phenomenon is also accentuated in an environment with a high rate of humidity like that of a wine cellar.

With time, these bad odours infiltrate the bottle through its cork and alter the taste properties of the wine.

The charcoal filter, for its part, will serve to sanitise the ambient air.

It will absorb the bad odours, thus avoiding your wine from being contaminated and losing its taste qualities.  The filter contains activated carbons which are porous structures which will allow purifying the air that enters the cabinet, by absorbing the harmful molecules and trapping them.

This is why it is necessary to change it regularly.  We recommend replacing it every year.

Thanks to the continuous air circulation and the charcoal filter, your bottles of wine will age in peace!

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