Why taste your wine at an ideal serving temperature?

Published : 09/07/2015 17:08:18
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Why taste your wine at an ideal serving temperature?

It is rare that wine is served at an ideal temperature, whether it is red, white or rosé. In actual fact, the quality of all wines is reduced at above 20°C or if served too cold.

Indeed, temperature is a key element when serving and tasting wines.  A few degrees too high or too low prevents a great vintage from fully expressing itself!   A wine that is too cold will not reveal its aromas to the nose; if too warm it will appear to be too alcoholic.  When in the mouth, a wine served at an incorrect temperature will not reveal the entire palette of its flavours.

This short memo tells you everything you need to know on tasting temperatures:
12/14°C: sweet, liquorice dessert wines (Sauternes, wines from late grapes harvests in Alsace, straw wines, etc.), yellow wines of the oxidative type (yellow wine, Château-Chalon, Marsala, etc.)
14/16°C: light red wines (Gamay de Loire, Beaujolais nouveau, young Pinots Noires, etc.), muted wines with a high alcohol contents (Porto, Banyuls, Maury, Rivesaltes, Baumes-de-Venise, etc)
16/18°C: all other red wines.

But it is not easy to serve a wine at an ideal temperature!
We are not all able to keep wines that we wish to drink in the near future in a wine cellar dedicated to wines to be served (which thus ensures the ideal serving temperature for the bottles).  
This is the reason why EuroCave has created an innovative product in this field: Wine Art.
With its two independent compartments, Wine Art keeps bottles of red, white and/or rosé wine at an ideal serving temperature.
No need to put a thermometer in the bottle or to put your white wine in the fridge, … Wine Art keeps the wine at an ideal serving temperature!
Moreover, to ensure ideal storage of your opened bottles, Wine Art is fitted with a vacuum sealing system to allow uncorked bottles to be protected from all risk of oxidation for up to ten days after they have been opened*.
In short, no need to be worried about your wine, Wine Art now allows you to fully enjoy your bottles of wine.

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Why taste your wine at an ideal serving temperature?

*according to the wine and its vintage