Modulosteel - Wine Cellar modular and contemporary storage concept


Modules easy to fit and can be assembled in an infinite number of ways

Modulosteel by EuroCave is made up of easy to fit modules which can be attached to each other.
Its steel structure has clean, modern lines giving it a decidedly contemporary style.

Customisable, Modulosteel can be assembled in endless ways thanks to its modules which are attached to each other side by side. Adjustable to mid-height, it also adapts to low or arched ceilings!

Modules are now available in 2 widths: 520 and 720 mm.
The narrower module allows you to make use of small spaces and optimise bottle storage.

In addition, its sliding shelves have been specially designed to store your wine cases.

Made in France - storage layout for wine cellar or wine room


More details

Optimised storage

3 types of storage for your bottles: storage, display or sliding shelves for your wine cases (or other accessories).

Any combination of the above is possible!
Storage: capacity to store 85 - 136 bottles vertically on 17 rows.
Display: capacity to store 40 - 64 inclined bottles vertically on 8 rows.
Wine cases: The possibility of incorporating up to 7 sliding shelves for storing your bottles in their original wine cases.

And, what’s more, easier bottle identification!
It is now easier to identify your precious bottles since you can write their name on the epoxy-coated steel structure, with the EuroCave erasable white marker pen.

A strong structure
The structure was designed to be easily assembled.
Three fastening systems ensure complete stability.
• 4 adjustable cylinder bases
• 1 screw system in the top of each post. To be fixed directly to the wall using an alignment washer
• 1 slide system in the top of each post in order to set and adjust any gap between the wall and the storage system

A choice of optional extras

Discover our different optional extras to optimise your storage space and give it a warmer feel according to your requirements.

Optional extra no.1: An ACMS unit with 6 sliding shelves

• Increase your storage capacity by 72 bottles

• Material: Black moisture-repellent melamine coated MDF panels

Optional extra no.2: Sliding shelves for your wine cases

• Designed to be fitted in the 520mm wide structure.

• Maximum number of shelves 7.  (Wooden case not provided.)

• Material: Black moisture-repellent melamine coated MDF panel + steel support

Optional extra no.3: A finishing top cover

• Easy to assemble on the top of the column. 

• Can be used on the structure at both full and mid-height.

Available for both module widths (520 and 720mm).
• Material: Black moisture-repellent melamine coated MDF panel

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Warranty2 years parts
Availability of spare parts4 years from the end of the product's warranty period (information on the invoice).

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