Modulo-X - Metal wine storage system for a customised wine cellar layout

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Modular cellar layout solution for optimal wine storage and display.

Whether directly in your natural cellar or in a dedicated air-conditioned room, Modulo-X allows you to design and create a wine cellar in your interior.


  • Allows you complete freedom in terms of design and adapts to your wine collection and space
  • Is a telescopic aluminium structure
  • Is fastened to walls or ceilings up to 3.40 m* in height
  • Has an island, corner, or linear layout
  • Has lighting fitted over the entire height of the structure
  • Has Main du Sommelier bottle supports

More details

Create your tailor-made cellar layout

Be guided by the many possibilities offered by a premium modular structure in anodised aluminium and create a unique wine storage area.

Modulo-X allows you to organise your wine storage in linear, corner or island version, according to the criteria of the room in which you are storing your collection.

Also, take advantage of the choice of ceiling installation (up to 3.40 m*) or wall installation (up to 2.85 m), or the 2 shelf widths available (440 mm and 750 mm).

The aluminium structure (or framework) of this wine storage system adapts to your room’s layout. The corner module allows you to have a corner layout or arrange your wine collection in a U-shape.

Create the wine cellar you have always dreamed of by choosing the layout that suits your requirements. Do you want to have an island with glass surround in your living room?

The Modulo-X wine storage system adapts in height and width to your room: fastened to the ceiling for large areas, fastened to the wall for low heights, over the entire width of the wall of your natural wine cellar, in a recess or alcove, all layouts are possible for your wine cellar project.

*For any ceiling installation, higher than 3.10 metres, a stability kit has to be integrated to the structure. Ask advices to our EuroCave partner.


A stylish, practical wine storage area

A wine cellar must allow your fine wines to be stored in the best possible conditions, but it should also make you want to drink the wine and be a place for holding events.

Modulo-X allows you to create a unique setting for your wine, thanks to the different bottle layouts offered.

2 types of equipment are available:

  • Shelves for displaying your precious collection: bottles displayed standing, inclined, or flat with labels visible...
    All the shelves are fitted with Main du Sommelier bottle supports.  Detachable and repositionable, this support adapts to all bottle shapes including Riesling, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne and Magnums.
    To make finding and categorizing your wines easier, bottle identification strips, available as an optional extra, cover the shelves and allow you to write the names of your wines.

  • Straight and corner trays, for presenting your accessories, bottles and wine cases.

The Modulo-X wine storage unit offers several steel or wooden shelves for bottles lying, standing or tilted.

Modulo-X wine storage offers a variety of possible bottle configurations. Thanks to the Main du Sommelier individual bottle holder, you can reposition your bottles according to your needs. It accepts all bottle sizes: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Magnum, Rhine, Champagne, Côte du Rhône.

To adapt to any room and even fit out small spaces, the Modulo-X wine storage is available in 2 widths.

And because as a collector, your wine collection is constantly expanding and changing, Modulo-X can be changed and added to over time.  You can reposition each of the elements to suit your requirements and add to the structure’s layout as you go along.

Every detail has been meticulously crafted.  The elegance of the grain of the structure in black powder-coated aluminium is revealed by the subtle lighting.
A remote control allows you to vary the light intensity without damaging the contents of your precious bottles.

Your customised wine cellar project

Before bringing your project to life, collaboration with our experts starts with a layout plan analysis phase, advice concerning the thermal study and the creation of a 3D preliminary design.
This phase brings together all your aesthetic requirements and the technical parameters.
Regardless of the room you want to fit out, we will find the cellar layout solution that will bring your passion to life.


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Data sheet

Main features
Type of storageIndividual for bottles or wine cases - Equipped with Mains du Sommelier
Type of productStorage system - Wall installation or ceiling installation thanks to a telescopic structure
Height - Ceiling installationFrom 2,30 m to 3,40 m (For any ceiling installation, higher than 3.10 metres, a stability kit has to be integrated to the structure)
Material(s)Structure: black powdered anodised aluminium, Bottle supports: steel epoxy painted black, Trays: black melamine-faced wood, 19 mm thick
Height - Wall installationFrom 1,15 m to 2,85 m
Warranty2 years parts
WidthChoice between 440 mm and 750 mm
Availability of spare parts4 years from the end of the product's warranty period (information on the invoice).
Interior layout
Maximum capacityStacking (H 2,80m): 23 layers - Up to 207 bottles, Presentation (H 2,90m): 14 layers - Up to 126 bottles, With wooden plates: 8 plates
Specific features
StrengthCan hold up to 300 Kg between 2 posts

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2 year guarantee