Compliance with environmental standards

Because EuroCave is an environmentally-responsible company.

EuroCave s'inscrit dans une démarche perpétuelle de prise en compte des problématiques environnementales :

EuroCave always endeavours to take into account environmental factors when manufacturing its products: 

- The latest ranges brought out by the group are all rate A+ or B. 

- All of EuroCave's wine cabinets and cellar conditioners use an environmentally-friendly fluid which does not contain CFCs, in this way helping to protect the ozone layer. 

- The wood used to manufacture our shelves comes from plantations approved by the SGS Audit Program.

- The group periodically changes its components in order to be as energy-efficient as possible, such as its new compressors, which will be used in all cabinets from the end of 2014.

- The Group's products (electric and electronic equipment) and their packaging conform with a recycling process. Please refer to the legislation in force in your country.

Ne pas jeter à la poubelle - Produit ou emballage recyclable.