The brand

EuroCave, creator of the wine cabinet. This wine serving and maturing specialist has been manufacturing its wine cabinets, cigar humidors, cellar conditioners and wine dispensers for over 40 years at its factory in Northern France.

EuroCave, creator of wine cabinets

We have been creating new ways of experiencing, keeping, serving and even talking about wine.

EuroCave’s history is closely linked to the history of Fourmies, an important town in French industry from the end of the 1940s, with expertise in cold air production.  In 1975, EuroCave created, at its Fourmies factories, the first air-conditioned cabinet for storing wine, a revolution.
EuroCave very quickly positioned itself in the wine sector, an area in which France excels.  It has exported products embodying the French way of life to countries all over the world by collaborating with a network of sommeliers working in the world’s top restaurants.


Wine cabinets, wine serving solutions, bottle storage systems, cellar conditioners, cigar humidors. Designing innovative new products has always been the EuroCave brand's aim. Many of these products are now iconic.

EuroCave's products are designed and developed by the in-house engineering and design department and numerous performance tests are carried out in the in-house test laboratory before marketing and throughout the product's lifetime.


EuroCave product design focuses on ergonomics and elegance, with no compromise on technology.  Our products’ ergonomics are studied with sommeliers.  We strive to facilitate handling and above all protect the bottles.  Our engineers are designers, technicians and ergonomists.

The lines, shapes and materials convey our identity and the quality of our appliances whilst the choice of materials and colours creates an elegant setting which honours the wine.


EuroCave’s history results from the desire to innovate in the pursuit of excellence.
We are involved in a process of continuous innovation, which allows us to design products which inspire uses in terms of storing and serving wine.  Scientifically, this has resulted in many patents being filed and partnerships with research laboratories recognized in their area of expertise.


Designing innovative, reliable and long-lasting products has been in the brand's DNA from the start. Our in-house test laboratory and research and design department is where we develop our wine cabinets, wine dispensers, wine serving solutions, cellar conditioners and cigar humidors.

EuroCave, creator of the wine cabinet and French designer and manufacturer of wine cabinets, cigar humidors, storage solutions and cellar conditioners.


Wine, the last word in French heritage, stored in a French-built wine cabinet, a commitment that has guided us for almost 50 years.



The wine community is definitely engaged in sustainability to protect resources and preserve our grapes and wines. As actor of this community, EuroCave’s responsibility starts at the conception stage with high-quality components and ensure that our products provide you with years of faithful service:

  • We use exclusively aluminium, not plastic, for the inside walls of our cabinets.
  • Shelving is made from wood derived from plantations approved by the SGS Audit Program.
  • Advanced electronics, high-density insulant and high-performance compressors reduce excess power consumption.
  • The design of our products gives easier maintenance and environmentally friendly recycling of materials and components.


1975 - The first air-conditioned cabinet for storing wine was invented in France. "They laughed in my face and yet it succeeded beyond all my expectations", confided René Martin, founder of EuroCave, sadly no longer with us, remembering his beginnings.

1976 - EuroCave was recognized internationally from the start with its first international exports.

1993 - The first EuroCave showroom was opened in Paris.

2013 - EuroCave obtained the first Origine France Garantie label for its wine cabinets.

2014 - A wine preservation research programme was launched in partnership with a specialist French university laboratory, Institut universitaire de la vigne et du vin (wine and vine university institute - Dijon).

2016 - EuroCave celebrated its 40th anniversary.

2018 - EuroCave once again revolutionized the wine maturing cabinet with Royale, a wine cabinet dedicated to serious wine enthusiasts, never equalled in terms of performance, durability and aesthetics.

2018 - The Inspiration wine cabinet, dedicated to interior designers, won the Reddot Design Award.