EuroCave’s vision

In over 40 years, EuroCave, inventor of the wine cabinet, has become an expert in serving and maturing wine. Expertise which the brand draws on to produce its wine cabinets, wine preservation solutions, wine dispensers, natural cellar storage solutions, cellar conditioners and cigar humidors.

EuroCave, the only wine serving and storage expert in the world

"We are first and foremost a company belonging to the wine community.  We are not from the electrical appliances sector and we have only one aim: storing, preserving and serving wine.  It is an important point because this authenticity is EuroCave’s strong point and the key to its success."


Caring for wine, a semi-finished product which only matures many years after being purchased, in order to guarantee, respecting the intentions of the wine producer, optimal serving conditions.  

However, achieving this aim requires an intimate knowledge of wine. This is why we have a lot in common with our customers.  Like us, they are passionate about wine, whether they are experienced wine enthusiasts or professionals who want to have a wine list equal to their ambitions.


Because taste is precious, EuroCave has developed wine preservation and service solutions to ensure that the moment of tasting offers an intact emotion, that of an encounter with the wine maker.

And if the finest wines worldwide are kept in EuroCave cabinets, it is because we have always pursued the audacious and dedicated requirement of providing a faithful interpretation of passing time.

EuroCave, an unique expertise