Our vision, our mission, our values

The challenge laid down by the company’s founders stemmed from the desire to create a special product which respects and enhances wine.

In over 40 years, EuroCave has become the world’s gold-standard for maturing and serving wine.  The challenge laid down by the company’s founders stemmed from the desire to create high-end solutions for storing and serving wine by the glass which respect the intention of the wine producer and convey it to demanding consumers who are passionate about wine.

Over the years, in a changing environment, the brand’s identity and values have developed and become stronger:

A French brand

EuroCave defends the French values of elegance and know-how.  We also require that our products are produced in France, as demonstrated by the "Origine France Garantie" label.


EuroCave is driven by strong principles: respect for people, whether this be its staff, the wine producer, the wine lover or professional, protecting the environment and a determination to create products that are built to last.

A shared passion for wine

EuroCave grew as a result of the efforts of men and women who share a passion for wine and for whom wine storage and service must be geared towards wine, those who produce it and those who buy it.

The desire to innovate in the pursuit of excellence

The entire history of EuroCave is built on the desire to innovate in the pursuit of excellence.  These high standards have never wavered and are reflected today in the many patents that have been filed and partnerships with leading research laboratories focusing on the physical chemistry aspects of wine and energy saving.

Design geared towards usage and aesthetic appeal

EuroCave gears design towards usage and aesthetic appeal.  Ergonomics facilitate and place the emphasis on handling whilst the interplay of shapes, materials and colours creates a sense of sophistication.

Original in 1976, today, EuroCave is a brand that represents both modernity and tradition.