How to choose a wine cabinet?

EuroCave, creator of wine cabinets, designs wine cabinets for all uses and locations.

What functions do I require? What size cabinet is suitable for my requirements? What capacity do I need? What design should I choose?
To find the ideal wine cabinet, it is important to ask yourself the right questions:

> What kind of wine cabinet do I need?
> How many bottles do I need to store in my wine cabinet?
> Where am I going to put my wine cabinet?
> Should my wine cabinet be: free-standing, flush-fitted or built-in?
> What type of door should I choose?
> What internal layout should I choose?
> What lighting should I choose for my wine cabinet?

1 - What kind of wine cabinet do I need?

Depending on what you want your wine cabinet to do, you will choose a wine maturing, serving or multi-function cabinet.

A wine maturing cabinet is a single-temperature cabinet (12°C) which allows you to mature your wine until it reaches its prime.
A wine serving cabinet allows you to bring champagne, red, white and rosé wines to an ideal serving temperature.

There are several types of wine serving cabinet: 2-temperature cabinets and multi-temperature cabinets.

In addition, multi-function cabinets allow you to both mature your wine until it reaches its prime and bring it to an ideal serving temperature.

To choose the cabinet that best suits your requirements, read more about the differences between wine maturing, serving and multi-function cabinets.

Maturing wine cabinet - to store and mature your wine.



One temperature, for storing and maturing all your wine in the same conditions as those found in a natural cellar, for a short period of time or until the date it is ready for drinking… whilst meeting the criteria essential for storing wine.

Multi-functional wine cabinet : allow at the same time, wine maturing but also bring wine to ideal serving temperature thanks to its cooler or warmer independant compartments.


 2 or 3-temperature

Several temperature compartments, for maturing, chilling and bringing your wine to room temperature.

Serving wine cabinet : to bring at the ideal drinking temperaure your wine, ready to serve.


or m

They allow you to bring your wine to an ideal serving temperature.
They are suitable for storing wines that are drunk regularly or as an addition to a wine maturing cabinet or natural wine cellar.

2 temperatures:
2 separate temperature compartments.

Several temperature zones inside the cabinet (5 - 22°C: from the warmest, at the top, to the coolest, at the bottom).

2 - How many bottles do I need to store in my wine cabinet?

The cabinet size you choose depends on the amount of bottles you wish to store in it.
EuroCave offers a wide selection of cabinet sizes, to allow you to store 12 - 234 bottles.

XS : mini wine cabinets to suit the smallest spaces and allow you to have your bottles readily available (17 bottles)
S : small wine cabinets for storing 30 - 92 bottles
M : average-sized wine cabinets for storing 59 - 169 bottles
L : large wine cabinets for wine collectors, for storing 89 - 234 bottles

 EuroCave offer several dimensions of wine cabinet. From small capacities to large capacities.

3 - Where am I going to put my wine cabinet?

The room in which you intend to install your wine cabinet will also be a deciding factor in choosing your cabinet.

Thanks to their design, EuroCave wine cabinets can just as easily be installed in a garage, kitchen or living room.

Choose a simple model for storing your wine in your garage, or a more attractive model for accentuating your bottles in your living room or kitchen.


You can install your wine cabinet in your garage or your cellar.


A wine cabinet can fit perfectly into the interior design of your living room.


You can fit your wine cabinet in your kitchen.

4 - Should my wine cabinet be: free-standing, flush-fitted or built-in?

Free-standing, in a living room, flush-fitted under a work surface, or built into a custom-made unit...

EuroCave wine cabinets adapt to different installation configurations and in this way blend seamlessly with your interior.
The various wine cabinet formats in this way offer you numerous possibilities and meet your space constraints.

  installed directly in a room

 You can install your wine cabinet in the room you want.

under a work surface or inside a kitchen unit

 Kitchen design - you can fit your wine cabinet under a work surface.

into a recess or inside a unit

 Ask to you installer to built-in your wine cabinet into a custom-made unit.

5 - What type of door should I choose?

EuroCave offers a wide range of doors. The different finishes and colours of the door frames in this way adapt to your interior design.

EuroCave glass doors are UV-proofed, allowing to filter out 99% of UV rays.

They are also very well insulated thanks to their build and the type of technical glass used. This guarantees low energy consumption, limits the risk of condensation and guarantees the internal temperature performance given for the cabinet.

Finally, the doors are reversible and fitted with a lock.*

 EuroCave, the brand who offer the largest choice of type of doors for its wine cabinet and allow your wine cabinet which is perfectly fit in your interior design.

What direction of opening of the door?

EuroCave wine cabinet doors are reversible. The direction of opening of the door is determined by the position of the hinges.

The direction of opening of the door of the wine cabinet.

6 - What internal layout should I choose?

EuroCave shelves are designed to meet your storage requirements and ensure maximum protection for your bottles, regardless of the type of bottles you own. Our standard equipment or Premium equipment offers you a wide range of configurations, according to the amount of bottles and your storage requirements.

Opt for our sliding shelves to organise your cabinet, our storage shelves to store a maximum amount of bottles, our display shelves to showcase your best bottles or our tasting racks to store your open bottles upright.

Shelves for every requirement:


 Wine cabinet internal layout - slidding shelves to organise your bottles into your wine cabinet.

Sliding shelves facilitate individual access to bottles. Up to 12 bottles depending on the model.


Wine cabinet internal layout - store a maximum amount of bottles.

Always fixed, storage shelves allow you to store up to 77 bottles, whilst ensuring that they are completely stable.


 Wine cabinet internal layout - to display your better crus.

Display shelves are designed to display bottles upright and showcase your best labels


 Wine cabinet internal layout - to store opened bottles upright.

 Serving shelves allow you to store your open bottles upright.

The bottle support la main du sommelier adapt shelf storage to the size and shape of your bottles.

The EuroCave shelf “PLUS POINT”: The Main du Sommelier bottle support :

The "Main du Sommelier" bottle support, developed by EuroCave, is a structure made from two materials which fastens to the shelf. It protects your bottles from vibration and securely holds them on the shelf. Detachable, it allows you to adapt shelf storage to the size and shape of your bottles.

"Premium" shelves

Depending on the model chosen, EuroCave offers “Premium” optional extras for your wine cabinet for improved design and ease of use.


 soft-close device

"Premium" shelves are fitted with soft-close devices for quieter, smoother handling.


 Choice of shelf fronts

Two new shelf fronts are available: light oak or glossy black


 Shelf labels to identify your wine bottles.

Shelf labels in epoxy-coated steel are attached to the shelf, allowing you to identify your wines.


Main du sommelier Premuim version.

The Premium "Main du Sommelier" bottle support is more attractive.

7 - What lighting should I choose for my wine cabinet?

Wine does not tolerate direct exposure to light and U.V.
light can cause an unpleasant taste in wine, known as “goût de lumière”.

A specialist in storing wine for over 40 years, EuroCave works tirelessly with its research and development engineers to offer optimal storage solutions.

With regard to the issues concerning light, the interior lighting in its products is composed of amber-coloured LEDs. This is currently the best lighting available in terms of protecting tannins from degradation by U.V. light.

To allow you to illuminate your fine wines safely, EuroCave offers different lighting solutions depending on the model: LED bulbs, detachable lighting, mood lighting or lighting beneath each shelf.


 Wine cabinet - detachable lighting for easy reading the wine bottle labels.

Première range


 Wine cabinet - lighting from above.

Pure range
Compact range
Collection range
Tête à Tête


 Wine cabinet - global lighting

Révélation range
Inspiration range

Optional extra
on Pure range

beneath each shelf

Wine cabinet - lighting beneath each shelf.

Royale range




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