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Frequently asked questions
EuroCave wine cabinets from the Inspiration range

Is there a product code for the additional higher feet? Or does the cabinet come with adjustable feet?

Inspiration wine cabinets come with adjustable feet except for the XS model.

Are the 2 fillers delivered with the wine cabinet?


How many bottles can be placed on the wine service shelf?

11 bottles.  

How is the unit fitted depending on an integrated/ built-in installation?

The only adaptation you must do is the adjustment of the front bottom strip > The strip with the air outlet.
> When integrated (inside a kitchen cabinet): The bottom strip must be aligned with the door. So, no need to move it. The product is delivered in the right position.
> When built-in (between 2 kitchen cabinets. Most often on the floor): The bottom strip must be moved back (it slides) and aligned with the appliance and the kitchen skirting board.

All details are on the installation diagrams, the quick start, the IFU and the 3D video tutorials  (EuroCave YouTube page + EuroCave website).

What is the size of the standard door of the inspiration?

We have 4 choices of doors’ finishings. All details are on the installation diagrams, the quick start, the IFU and the 3D video tutorials (EuroCave YouTube page + EuroCave website).

Is a ventilation cut-out required to allow air circulation?

Not necessary for Inspiration. However, in the case of a built-in installation, the upper and lower strips must not be blocked by the skirting board nor by an aesthetic filler. It is through these 2 zones that the air circulates around the wine cabinet.

Can skirting board be attached to the lower strip? Do we need a ventilation grid under the cabinet?

The skirting needs to be below the lower strip. You cannot obstruct the adjustable bottom part. A grid is not necessary.

How can I open an Inspiration door knowing that there is no handle on the front?

You can open the door of Inspiration wine cabinets from the top and from the side.

Does the cabinet need to be fully integrated or is it possible to only cover the sides for example?

La cave Inspiration doit être recouverte complètement, intégrée ou encastrée. Le dessus n’est pas une partie esthétique. Les caves Inspiration ne sont pas faites pour être installées en pose libre.

How is a decorative panel fixed on a technical door?

It is very easy. Details are in the IFU. You just need screws to the panel (screws provided).

I want to hide the control panel. Can I cover it?

No, you can’t. Neither the conception nor its design will allow you to hide the control panel.
First, a decorative panel would clash with the control board.
Second, we cannot hide the aeration holes around the control board if we want to control the air circulation and guarantee the performances we announce (energy consumption, temperatures, acoustic level).

Can the feet be removed from Inspiration?

On the installation guide, it is indicated to cut the bottom part of the filler by 38mm; there is a marking on the filler.
> The filler material is pre-lacquered aluminum - how do you cut it?
You must use a hacksaw.
> For what reason do we need to remove 38mm?
The Bottom end of both fillers must be removed when the unit is in “built -in version” as in this case the bottom front panel is pushed forwarded to manage kick plate space.

Is the door reversible?

Yes, the doors on Inspiration wine cabinet are reversible. All the instructions can be found in the instruction for use. Do not hesitate to contact your EuroCave vendor.

I want to fix a decorative panel on my technical door (glass or solid technical door). What are the maximum thickness and weight authorized?

The maximum thickness recommended for the panel is 20mm and 12Kg for the weight.

Can I place 2 Inspiration wine cabinets side by side?

Yes, you can if you have a solid separation between both (not provided by EC). The solid separation allows to correctly fix both wine cabinets.

Do I need to remove the wine cabinet from its location for maintenance?

It will depend on the type of maintenance. For the usual yearly maintenance, no. For a technical issue on the cooling system or on the electronic control panel, yes.
Of course, such a maintenance must be carried out by a qualified technician recommended by EuroCave.

After buying my wine cabinet can I change the door?

Yes, you can change of door. No particular condition except if the wine cabinet is integrated (not built-in) and if you want to change for a technical door. In this case you need to remove the fillers and replace it by 4 brackets, delivered with the door.

How can I clean my stainless steel finishing?

We recommend that you use water and a neutral liquid soap. Ensure that the soap does not contain grains which could scratch the surface. The solution must be applied with a soft cloth. Rub the surface, following the stainless steel brushing direction.

Can we change the color of the lighting to match the lighting of the other kitchen appliances?

No, we cannot change the color of the lighting. EuroCave uses an amber lighting because we know that it does not damage the wine, unlike white or blue LED.

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