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Frequently asked questions
  EuroCave wine cabinets from the Royale range

What are the choices of the external decorative panels?

EuroCave offers 2 finishes that allow you to choose the color that best suits your interior. Red earth or Mineral grey, these 2 options directly echo the mineral colors and textures of the chalky, sandy soil in which the vines grow.

How many bottles can I place on 1 sliding shelf?

9 Traditional Bordeaux bottles
or 7 Traditional Bordeaux bottles + 2 magnums
or 5 Bordeaux magnums.
The Main du Sommelier fixed on our sliding can accommodate all types of bottles. The Main du Sommelier are adjustable and removable if needed.

Can we place 2 Royale side by side?

Yes, without special conditions. Of course we recommend to order a left and a right door opening options for a more ergonomic usage.

Can Royale be built-in?

Yes, according to installation conditions (available at your EuroCave vendor or on EuroCave website).

How can we say that the construction principle blocks the electromagnetic waves?

The internal volume of the wine cabinet is delimited by a conductive material that is aluminum sheet and also by LOW-E Glass. The plug is connected to the ground, this gives the perfect definition of the Faraday cage.
As a result, it is very difficult for external electromagnetic waves to get inside the wine cabinet.

How does the back wall allow a perfect level of humidity?

The back wall developed by EuroCave especially for Royale is like an air pipe with openings that allow the air to be perfectly diffused into the wine cabinet. This allows to limit the warm or cold spots or even over-humidified areas. Also, this additional wall limits the thermal radiation on wine bottles.

How often do we need to fill in the water tank?

The filling frequency of the water tank depends on the external conditions (T and RH) and door opening frequency. We recommend refilling with water every 6 months to a year. If you forget to fill it, Royale is equipped with an alarm for the hygrometry level.
It is preferable to use distilled or demineralized water in the tank.

How often do I need to change the charcoal filter?

The charcoal filter specially developed for Royale traps the volatile organic compounds. It should be changed every 6 months to 1 year, depending on the external environment in which Royale is installed. An alarm integrated in the wine cabinet will inform you once a year maximum.

The temperature on the digital screen is not 12°C and/or the humidity level is not 70% Why?

The Temperature displayed on the control panel is the temperature of the air in the wine cabinet.
The variation of the temp. and HR on the digital screen is a normal phenomenon. The external temp, the external HR, the frequency of  door openings or storing the bottles can make these data vary.
But the wine itself will not be affected by variations. (The temperature inside the bottles will be always +/-0,4°C).
Time is needed for the compressor to stop (if temperature is too cold) or to restart (if temperature is too warm). The limit to make the compressor activate or stop the compressor is +/-0,5°C vs. the temperature setting (12°C).

Even with the glass door finish, are my bottles of wine well protected from U.V. rays?

Of course. For Royale we use a triple glazed door and argon gas is injected between each glass panel. More than 99% of U.V. rays are filtered.

Why is there a fixed shelf in the middle of my wine cabinet?

The fixed shelf is needed to reinforce the structure of the wine cabinet and avoid any deformation over time. We especially designed a shelf for this role to also optimize the bottle capacity.

Is the door reversible?

No. You have to choose the side of the opening when ordering.

What is the lifespan of the LEDs?

The LEDs used in Royale wine cabinet have a lifespan of about 50 000h. This represents more than 5 years in permanent use.

What are the usual maintenance recommendations?

Clean the inside of the compartments with water and a non-aggressive cleaning product.
Rinse thoroughly. Dry with the EuroCave microfiber cloth provided.
Replace the active charcoal filter housed in its hatch under the control panel.
Check that the door seal is in good condition. It is often necessary to clean the seal.
To erase words written with the white marker pen on our bottle identification labels, use a damp cloth.
Use the EuroCave microfiber cloth to clean glass or plastic sections of your cabinet.
Clean the humidity control tray every 1 - 2 years depending on the quality of the water used. We recommend to use distillated water.
Clean the two metal strips used as an electrical contact for the shelf lighting, using a cloth soaked in methylated spirit.
If dust has settled on the ventilation openings on the back of the wine cabinet, simply remove it with a vacuum cleaner.

What is the weight of Royale?

280Kg without the packaging. 340Kg with the packaging (special wooden case).

How many persons are needed to install Royale?

EuroCave recommends 2 persons minimum. 4 persons is more comfortable and safe. Straps should be used to lift and move the wine cabinet properly.

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