How to store your bottles of wine correctly in your wine cellar?

Do you want to fit out a room dedicated to wine, a natural wine cellar or an air-conditioned room?

Here’s some advice: ask yourself these questions in order to optimise your space!

How much space do I have?
How many bottles must I store?
Is my room suitable for storing wine?

First of all, humidity is one of the essential elements for effective wine maturing. It is therefore necessary to choose materials suitable for high humidity levels when you choose your storage method.
In this way, favour high-quality, damp-proof materials.

Next, it is a matter of choosing the storage solution that best suits your requirements...

How to store a large quantity of wine bottles?

Do you need to store large amounts of bottles?

You have two options: storage modules which allow you to stack your bottles or wine cases.

In fact, wooden cases represent an interesting alternative for storage, but instead of stacking them (which can prove impractical in terms of use), equip yourself with sliding racks which you place your cases on and which in this way allow you easy access to your wine.

Sort and access you wine bottles easily.

Do you like to be able to quickly see the label on each bottle?

Opt for individual storage or sliding shelves. They allow you to easily order your wine by region, appellation, estate, (grape variety), year or date the wine is ready for drinking...

Present your bottles standing up.

Do you want to showcase your bottles?

Then opt for systems which display them upright!

Note, however that this type of storage is aimed more at wines which must be drunk quickly since it is not ideal to mature wine in this position. In fact, it is preferable to store your wine bottles flat since this allows the cork to stay constantly in contact with the wine. This prevents the cork from drying out and allowing air to penetrate... giving the wine an unpleasant corked taste!

How to store my wine in a small space?

The ideal? Adaptable storage!

It adjusts to the layout of your room and your space constraints by adapting to the corners of walls and low ceilings and wrapping round pillars.

You can also completely adapt it to your requirements by combining different types of layout: storage, wine cases, shelves, bottle displaying...

It also has the added advantage of being able to evolve with your collection!

Wine storage system options

 The must-have !

Some types of storage offer you various optional extras to allow you to put the finishing touch to your cellar layout: a "bar" module for storing your glasses, shelves for standing your bottles on...




To conclude, don’t forget that another important criterion to observe for guaranteeing effective wine maturing is lack of vibration. Favour, therefore, a storage solution which absorbs it: material such as wood, anti-vibration systems on the shelves, etc.

Now it’s your move!

Wine racks for wooden wine case that can be assembled - ModuloCube


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