Compact wine cabinets range

Compact range - Flush-fitted wine cabinet for the kitchen

Flush-fitting and space saving guaranteed!

Cabinets which meet all of your space requirements

In the free-standing version, the very specific dimensions of cabinets in the Compact range allow them to adapt to all spaces.  In the flush-fitting version, they fit perfectly into your kitchen.  The front-vented system at the base of the cabinet* has a an air vent so you do not have to make any additional holes in your work top.


Wine cabinet with specific dimensions for kitchen

2 sizes

Compact range wine cabinets exist in small or large model, for a storage capacity from 38 to 164 bottles.

Compact range - wine cabinet to integrated in the kitchen - small size or large - dimensions of the appliance

Two functions: maturing or serving

As single-temperature maturing cabinets, they offer the same advantages as a natural cellar and maintain a constant temperature of 10 - 14°C.

In the multi-temperature serving cabinet version, they store red, rosé and white wines at an ideal serving temperature, all inside the same cabinet.  This range is based on a system in which temperatures are staggered from 7 - 21°C and covers up to 10 temperature zones.

Control panel

Choice of door

You can fit your cabinet with a Full Glass with removable handle, with a standard glass door - with black frame or technical solid door allowing cabinets in the Compact range to fit perfectly into a fitted kitchen.

Technical door to adapt your kitchen design on your flush-fitted wine cabinet

Low energy consumption

Compact wine cabinet - A energy class

With their very insulating frame and door, Compact cabinets guarantee a low energy consumption and fall within A energy class, to care for the environment.

Choose your interior layout

Compact range interior layout is modular, and allows you the freedom to choose from various types of shelves. Opt for storage shelves to store a maximum amount of bottles, or sliding shelves, with the EuroCave "Main du Sommelier" to facilitate individual access to bottles. And even Display shelves to showcase your best bottles.

Flush-fitted wine cabinet - choice of shelves to store wine

Beautiful lighting

Compact range wine cabinets are equiped with a gentle amber lighting to display your bottles

Enhance your wine bottles with the presentation shelf that equips the Compact flush-fitted wine cabinet for the kitchen.


*Small model only