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Tête à Tête wine cabinet - small model

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Small in size but big on features

With its understated design and clean lines, Tête à Tête offers a wine refrigerator cabinet of sophistication and modernity.  Based on the concept of preserving open bottles, Tête à Tête is a multi-temperature 12 bottle wine serving cabinet offering the possibility of protecting open bottles of wine from oxidation for up to  10 days*. Very user-friendly and clever thanks to its touch screen, Tête à Tête allows you to set the desired serving temperature very accurately and in this way have your favourite bottles ready to drink whenever you want them. Compact and elegant, Tête à Tête is at home in the most sophisticated interiors thanks to its stylised lines, amber lighting, stylish glass top and transparent door.
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A strong emphasis on accuracy

Temperature accuracy for serving white and red wines.
- A multi-temperature cabinet with a graduated temperature of 6°C at the bottom for white or rosé wines, and 22°C at the top for red wines.
- Temperature setting of the top or bottom of the cabinet: a difference of 10°C is then automatically established between the upper and lower section of the cabinet.
- A user-friendly touch screen which allows you to accurately set the temperature of the cabinet, vacuum seal your bottles and activate the cabinet's lighting.

Bring bottles of red and/or white wine to the correct serving temperature.

Thoroughly pampered bottles

Preservation of 2 open bottles ensuring that flavours remain intact for 10 days.
- An exclusive EuroCave air vacuum system which protects your wine from oxidation and allows you to preserve 2 open bottles for up to 10 days.  The 2 air vacuum heads are removable for easy handling.
- Your bottles are supported and protected thanks to the "Main du Sommelier" support.
- Condensation is managed thanks to the inside walls in embossed aluminium.  Any excess condensate runs to the bottom of the cabinet into a built-in drip pan.

A touch of elegance

Your wine is protected from any risk of oxidation for a maximum of 10 days

A touch of elegance

An unrivalled design thanks to its elegant lines
- Warm, amber lighting to display your bottles.
- A full glass door with clean, understated lines and a glass top for an elegant finish.
- Original storage: 10 bottles stored horizontally + 2 bottles stored vertically.  The upper bottle holder is adjustable in height, allowing it to house all types of bottles.

amber lighting, lines and elegant finish, wine bottles adapted storage

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