Air filter for Royale wine cabinet

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Next-generation active charcoal filter for Royale wine cabinet

Positioned inside your wine cabinet, this filter captures volatile organic compounds (VOCs) naturally present in the air and also in wine cabinets.

In collaboration with a group of researchers from an engineering school specialising in agronomics, we were able to demonstrate that thanks to this unique filter, developed by EuroCave:

  • Odours and toxicity are reduced by half after 72 hours of use,
  • 74% of VOCs are captured after 3 months of use,
  • The air inside the cabinet becomes cleaner than that of the room it is stored in
  • We recommend that you replace the filter once a year

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What is it for?

It purifies the air and prevents bad odours which could harm your wine.

When should I replace it?

Royale was designed to absorb volatile organic compounds. The filter must be replaced every 6 months – one year. This depends on the external environment in which Royale is installed. The cabinet is fitted with an alarm which tells you when to replace the filter.
lt is essential to check that there is good air circulation inside your wine cabinet or mould and bacteria could develop.
At the same time, check the water level of your Hygro Control tray, remember, we recommend you use demineralized water.

How do I replace my air filter?

The charcoal filter is located beneath the control panel.

Comment remplacer le filtre à charbon de ma cave à vin Royale EuroCave ?

1- Unscrew the button on the charcoal filter flap, beneath the control panel.

How to replace the charcoal filter?

2- The flap will open. Remove the old filter.

How to replace the charcoal filter of a Royale EuroCave wine cabinet?

3- Remove the protective plastic.

How to replace the charcoal filter?

4- Insert the new charcoal filter (with the EuroCave label facing you)

How to replace the charcoal filter of a Royale EuroCave wine cabinet?

5- Push the flap back up

How to replace the charcoal filter of a Royale EuroCave wine cabinet?

6-  Screw the button back on.

The plus points of the Royale range

Les avantages de la cave Royale

1 - Patented “Hygro-control System” which self-monitors humidity

2 - 12°C: Constant temperature guaranteed,

3 - The EuroCave cabinet structure and technical feet absorb and reduce external vibration

4 - purify the air

5 - Triple-glazed door combined with argon gas which screens 99% of UV rays

6 - Functional back: Protecting the heat exchanger and the cooling system and optimising air circulation

7 - Construction principle which blocks electromagnetic waves

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