Cigar cabinet

The Cigar Cabinet by Eurocave

Cigar cabinets are designed to protect cigars from extreme temperatures and create a humid environment for cigars to be stored in optimal conditions.

EuroCave has developed the ideal storage for your cigars with its exclusive humidity and temperature control system set in elegant cigar cabinet designs. This luxury product offers the ideal, constant temperature of 17°C and humidity levels, approximately 70%, to keep your cigars fresh and ready to serve with an attractive presentation.

EuroCave offers a wide selection of cigar cabinets, a choice of colour, a leather or wood finish, glass or solid door allowing you to choose the perfect cabinet for your interior.

Eurocave cigar cabinets are distributed by a network of specialists, present in over 70 countries. Our carefully selected distributors will listen to your requirements and advise you on the most suitable model for your needs.

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EuroCave expertise: Cabinets for cigar and wine lovers

EuroCave is the world leader in the design and manfucture of cigar cabinets, wine cabinets and wine bars for both professional and private customers. Created in 1976, the French company has constantly innovated its cooling technology; its patented temperature and humidity control system married with traditional craftsmanship has lead to the creation of high-performance cigar and wine cabinets that are an elegant addition to your home or business.

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