Cigar cellar

Cigar cellar: Cigar Humidor by Eurocave

In a temperate climate, where temperature and humidity variations are important, cigars can be damaged rapidly. This is why it is necessary to preserve them in optimal conditions. EuroCave cigar cellar for reproduce all the conditions required for optimal ageing of cigars. With the best inner equipment, you will be able to store from 700 to 1000 cigars.

  • To keep up to 1000 cigars EuroCave, world leader of wine serving, preserving, display and storage solutions since 1976 has drawn on its considerable expertise to create a cigar humidor. Benefitting from the technical expertise and know-how of our designers and our untiring determination to create practical yet aesthetically-pleasing products, EuroCave...

EuroCave cigar humidor to preserve your cigars

5 criteria are essential for cigars to keep their full potential:

- a constant temperature around 17°C / 63°F

- a stable humidity rate around 70%

- an optimized storage that limits handling

- a good air circulation to prevent bad odours and mould development

- a maximum protection from UV rays to keep the original colours of wrapper

You can choose from a variety of colours and finish to match your decor while we guarantee total safety and long-lasting performance of your cigar cellar.

Eurocave technology for the storage of your cigar

Since its creation in 1976, EuroCave has constantly innovated its cooling technology and cabinet designs and now uses its patented temperature and humidity control system to produce quality cigar cellars, manufactured by experienced craftsmen in a wide range of wood, glass and leather finishes.

The insulation and UV treated glass door of our cigar cellars maintain the good temperature and hygrometry rate, and avoid UV ray penetration inside the cellar. Moreover, our cigar humidor control panel integrates visual alarms in case of malfunction.

Please contact us for any further information about our cigar cellars.