Cigar cellar

Cigar cellar: Cigar Humidors by Eurocave

Eurocave has designed the Cigar Humidor, the ideal Cigar cellar for protection against extreme temperatures and providing the ideal moisture levels for optimal storage for your cigars.

The cigar cellar is the ideal way to keep cigars fresh, stored in an attractive cabinet that will add elegance and refinement to your interior. With our exclusive temperature and humidity regulation technology, your cigar cellar provides the perfect temperature (17°C) and humidity levels (70% approx.) set in a wide selection of cabinet designs.

You can choose from a variety of colours and finish to match your decor while we guarantee total safety and long-lasting performance of your cigar cellar.

Eurocave cigar cellars are distributed by a network of specialists, present in over 70 countries. Our carefully selected distributors can help you choose the ideal product for your needs and can advise you about our customisable cigar cellar designs.

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The cigar cellar: Eurocave technology for cigar and wine storage

EuroCave is the world leader in the design and manfucture of cigar cellars, wine cabinets and wine bars for both professional and private use. Since its creation in 1976, EuroCave has constantly innovated its cooling technology and cabinet designs and now uses its patented temperature and humidity control system to produce quality cigar cellars, manufactured by experienced craftsmen in a wide range of wood, glass and leather finishes.

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