Wine cellar cooling units

Wine cellar cooling units: Create a wine cellar in any room

Inoa, is the innovative, wine cellar cooling unit by EuroCave, designed to transform any room or garage into a wine cellar thanks to its exclusive cooling technology. As the leader in wine maturing and serving products, EuroCave has developed the wine cellar cooling unit to recreate the exact conditions of a natural wine cellar, using its expertise in temperature and humidity control, ventilation and its love and appreciation of wine!

When you choose a EuroCave wine cellar cooling unit, you enjoy the advantages of a silent cellar condtioner! The Inoa range has in-built sound-proofing allowing you to mature your wine without the noise! Inoa is a single piece design which is quick and easy to install and comes with a cordless control panel that is placed near your wine bottles for precision temperature control of your wine cellar.

The EuroCave wine cellar cooling units: Inoa 25 and Inoa 50 have been designed using innovative technologies which respect environmental standards and use energy efficently to maintain the ideal, constant temperature (between 9° and 15°C).

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Wine cellar cooling unit: guaranteed quality and performance

Our wine cellar cooling units undergo thorough safety and quality testing before reaching you and come with a product guarantee, to ensure the highest standards and total satisfaction of our customers.

EuroCave is the world leader in the design and manfucture of wine cabinets, wine bars and cellar condtioners for both professional and amateurs. Created in 1976, the French company has constantly innovated its cooling technology; its patented temperature and humidity control systems to ensure the perfect settings for the maturing of your fine wines.

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