Wine fridge

Performance and design: The wine fridge cabinet by EuroCave

Thanks to our wide range of wine fridges, any room can become a natural wine cellar. Discover our wine fridge products for maturing and serving your fine wines.

EuroCave developed its  refrigerated wine cabinets simply by observng the ideal conditions of natural cellars. EuroCave wine fridges offer the optimal wine matruing conditions including temperature and humidity control, thermal insulation and protection against vibration.

The wine fridge by EuroCave uses a Twin Process system which creates the specific conditions of a natural cellar, its high precision captors respond to any variations in temperature to maintain the constant, ideal temperature of a wine cellar (between 10° and 14°C).

With a wide choice of designs available, there's a EuroCave wine fridge to match your interior and your personal style. You can choose from different storing capacities varying from 12 to 500 bottles. Discover our range with our online catalogue or contact one of our specialised distributors.


Wine fridge: a guarantee of quality

EuroCave is committed to creating the highest standard products and test all wine fridges for safety and quality to ensure they reach you in perfect condition. Our wine fridges, cellar conditioners and Vin au Verre systems have an individual identification number for traceability and proof of product authenticity.

 Please contact us for any further information about our wine fridge products.