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Wine cabinet 3 temperatures - 190 to 165 bottles - Buffalo brown - Glass door with silver frame

Specially designed to be multi-functional, the Pure collection offers an environment in which your wines can reach their full potential.
In the 3-temperature version, the Pure collection provides the ideal conditions for preserving and revealing the unique flavours of your wine.

Configure the Interior layout of your cabinet

The Access pack comprises 3 storage shelves and 3 sliding shelves. This pack allows you to store 190 bottles*.
The Premium pack comprises 10 sliding shelves. This pack allows you to store 165 bottles*.

*Traditional Bordeaux bottles

It is possible to add extra shelves.


EuroCave exclusivity - The "Main du sommelier" shelf

Sliding shelves can hold up to 12 bottles thanks to the "Main du sommelier" bottle supports fastened to the shelf. Developed by EuroCave, the "Main du Sommelier" is a bi-material shell that protects your wine from residual vibrations and holds your bottles securely. It is detachable and modular, allowing you to store all types of bottles.

The Pure-collection is available in other sizes and with other types of doors.


More details

Main features

Function: Multi-functional (Storing and serving)
Number of temperatures: 3 temperatures
Central zone can be set from 9°C - 15°C, red service temperature zone can be set from 15°C - 22°C, chilling zone temperature determined by the central zone temperature
Size H x W x D:  Large size model - 1,825 x 680 x 720 mm**
Cabinet colour: Buffalo brown
Type of door: Glass door with silver frame
Lock: Yes

**With rear stopper. Without handle.

The Pure collection's six advantages

Easy-to-use tactile control panel
Five visual alarms to protect your wine
Amber LED lighting to showcase your bottles
Cabinet can evolve over time (Interchangeable door and interior layout can be changed)
Aluminium interior panels for uniform humidity
Free 3-year waranty


Flush fitting conditions for this cabinet

Although this cabinet is not designed for this purpose, it is perfectly possible to flush fit it provided you observe specific installation criteria.

Its location
It must be open to the outside to allow air circulation, not too damp, have a flat, stable floor and have a power supply (standard outlet, 16 A, earthed with circuit breaker, 30 mA*).

Its position
Plug the power lead, at the back of the cabinet on the bottom left-hand side, into the connector provided.  You must wait 48 hours before plugging in the cabinet after transportation.
Install the rear stopper in order to maintain a distance of 7 cm between the wall and the back of the cabinet.


Serving Advice

This wine cabinet is a wine Serving cabinet.

Wine serving cabinets bring wines to an ideal serving temperature. Cabinets with several temperature zones allow you to store several types of wine in them.

Indeed, temperature is a key element when serving and tasting wines.  A few degrees too high or too low prevents a great vintage from fully expressing itself!   A wine that is too cold will not reveal its aromas to the nose; if too warm it will appear to be too alcoholic.  When in the mouth, a wine served at an incorrect temperature will not reveal the entire palette of its flavours.

Did you know ? The ice bucket is perfect to keep the wine’s serving temperature during the meal or the tasting. However you do not refresh a wine with it, otherwise the drop in temperature will damage the flavours of your wine.

Wines & Temperatures

White wine serving Temperatures
-7-8°C : Simple Champagnes et sparkling wines, muscats, simple syrupy wines
- 9-10°C : Alsace late-harvest, sweet wines, light or acidic dry white wines
- 11-12°C : Dry white wines, medium-dry white wines (Vouvray, Pinot gris d'Alsace), Gewurztraminer, fine Champagnes, fine syrupy wines, Noble Grapes
- 13-14°C : High quality dry white wines, Vin Jaune and other oxidative styled wines
- 15-16°C : Aged wines

Rosé wine Temperatures
- 7-8°C : Simple rosé Champagnes and other sparkling rosés
- 9-10°C : Light rosés, quaffing wines
- 11-12°C Fine rosé champagnes, classic rosé wines
- 13-14°C :Bordeaux clarets, structured rosé wines, Burgundy rosés

Red wine Temperatures
- 11 - 12°C : light and fruity red wines
- 13 - 14°C : Beaujolais and low tannic wines, Banyuls and other Vin Doux Naturel
- 15 - 16°C : Burgundies, Rhône, Loire and medium-bodied red wines
- 17 - 18°C : Bordeaux and all the red wines with a good structure, Ports
- 19 - 20°C : Exceptional, developed wines

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Data sheet

Main features
Dimensions H x W x D (mm)1825x680x715
Cabinet body colourBuffalo
Availability of spare parts11 years from the date of manufacture of the product (information on the wine cabinet label).
Item codeE-Pure-L
Type of productWine cabinets
Warranty2 years parts
Number of temperatures3 temperatures
SizeLarge model
Door features
Reversible doorYes
Handle typeHandle integrated into the doorframe
Door detailsGlass with silver frame
Door opening directionRight or left
Door typeGlass
Interior layout
Internal lightingYes
Type of interior lightingLighting of upper bottles (2 amber LEDs)
Layout packs offeredAccess pack (storage and sliding shelves) & Premium pack (sliding shelves only)
Access pack capacity190 bottles
Premium pack capacity165 bottles
Interior equipment recommended for maximum capacityStorage shelves x 3
Contents of Access packStorage shelves x 3 + sliding shelves x 3
Premium pack contentsSliding shelves x 10
Maximum capacity209 bottles
Specific features
Humidity displayNo
Recommended ambient temperature range12-30°C
Can be fittedNo. This appliance is not designed to be used as a built-in appliance.
Type(s) of alarm(s)Visual alarms
Temperature display typeLCD screen with touch-sensitive keys
Charcoal filterYes
Humidity measurementNo
Adjustment of the feetYes - 2 adjustable feet in the front
Built-inYes - according to the installation instructions*
Temperature setting range14-22°C / 10-14°C / 6°C
Weight (kg)97
Type of regulationElectronic
Insulation Hot-cold technology
Automatic defrostingYes
Type of insulationPolyurethane (PU) foam
Warm air production technologyHeater
Internal wallsStucco aluminium sheet
Cold air production technologyMixed air - compressor
External coveringHDF (High Density Fibre) melamine-faced panels
Heat activation technologyAutomatic - Threshold : adjustable
Energy class
Acoustic classC
Annual energy consumption Aec* (KWh/year)176
Energy efficiency classG
Climate classSN-ST
More details on the EPREL database** Click here to get the product’s information file.
Useful volume (litres)446
Sound emission (dB(A))37
Model category2
Further information
**According to delegated regulation (EU) 2019/2016 of the European Commission.
*See instructions for each model

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